Mains Fed Water Coolers

  • Acis 510 Series Water Cooler
  • Alpha Cold & Ambient Water Cooler
  • Arctic Chill 88 Water Cooler
  • Arctic Star Cold & Ambient Water Cooler
  • Arctic Star Hot & Cold Floor Standing Water Cooler
  • Countertop Water Boiler
    Countertop Water Boiler
  • Crystal Mountain Under Sink Chiller
  • Elkay Wall Mounted and Recessed Bottle Fillers
  • Jazz 1100 Water Cooler
  • Oasis Kalix Cold & Ambient Floor Standing Water Cooler
  • River 25 Water Cooler

Bottle Fed Water Coolers

  • Acis 710 Bottled
  • Aquacooler Bottled Water Cooler
  • Aquarius Bottled Water Cooler

About Bronte Water Coolers

For over two decades here at Bronte Water we have been providing great tasting natural spring water in our Bottled Water Coolers. The Bronte Spring in Haworth in the South Pennines of Yorkshire produces one of the finest natural waters in the country with a mineral content to match the very best.

Understanding that a bottled water cooler is not always practical we also have an excellent range of Mains Fed Water Coolers that can be plumbed in to your mains supply by one of our Engineers. The choice of machine is extensive to reflect the differing needs of our customers. No longer does one size fit all.

If you are looking to install water coolers for the first time or if you are at the end of your existing contract, then just call our experienced Customer Service Team who can advise which of our range would be best suited to your needs.

The Bronte range of mains fed water coolers has been carefully selected to cover all aspects water cooler provision. What works well for an office environment may not be suitable for a busy works canteen where a high usage dispenser would be needed for peak periods.

Likewise, a specialist dispenser may be needed in a school or university communal area where sports bottles are regularly filled. Most models are available in floor standing or counter top versions.

Do you need hot water? Many of the Bronte range of bottled or mains fed machines have the option of providing hot water suitable for tea and coffee. We can even supply a range of UK manufactured Calomax counter top or wall mounted water boilers, simply pick up the phone or email for more information.

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Benefits of Water

  • Increases Productivity
  • Increases Energy levels
  • Decreases Sickness
  • Improves Company Moral
  • Increases Well Being

Choosing the Right System

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