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Bronte Water Coolers spotted on Sky 1’s Mount Pleasant

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Mount Pleasant airs on Sky1 and Sky1 HD at 9 pm on Wednesdays and is packed full of household names including; Robson Green, Sally Lindsay, Angela Griffin, Paula Wilcock, Sian Reeves, George Samson, Pauline Collins, Bobby Ball and of course a Bronte Water Cooler or 2!

Water Cooler Bottles Become Military Weapons!

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As the title may suggest this isn’t your average water cooler blog however there was no way we could let this story pass without sharing it. South Wales firm BCB International have invented a canon which is designed not to fire missiles but....water cooler bottles! Already ordered by military and security forces worldwide the intention

Water Coolers for Small Screen Stars

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At Bronte we regularly supply our coolers to TV film sets so that both the cast and crew can remain adequately hydrated.

The Benefits Of Water Over Caffeine

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Caffeine vs. Water Water in Exams It’s important to go into an exam with the right frame of mind and the right tools to do well; pen, ruler, calculator… bottled water?

Yorkshire Day ( a day late)

Yesterday we were so busy celebrating Yorkshire Day by drinking Yorkshire Tea made with Bronte Spring Water (from Yorkshire) that we forgot to tell the world about it. Well now we have. And there's only 364 days until the next one.


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