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Ok, So What Happens to Old Water Cooler Bottles?

As a nation we often take for granted where we get our raw materials from, of course would we ever stop to consider where bullet proof glass comes from? Or CD’s,  safety spectacles, sunglasses or motorcycle crash helmets?

Which Water Cooler is Best For an Office?

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Here at Bronte Water Coolers we like to adopt the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) whenever we can. However when we get asked to install a a new water cooler in an office, canteen or school we need to determine fairly quickly the needs of the customer and which machines will satisfy those needs. Luckily we will always have a water cooler to satisfy every requirement!

Bottled or Mains Fed Water Coolers? Which one?

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Mains Fed Water Coolers Increasingly Popular The battle of the coolers continues and the growth in popularity of mains fed water coolers continues to march on. Just a mere five or six years ago, mains fed water coolers represented a very small proportion of the half million coolers in the UK they now represent around 50% the total!


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