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Legionella – exploding the myth

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What is Legionella? It’s a bacteria that mostly grows in warm dirty water, and is at its most prolific at around 37 degrees C. It cannot grow in a water cooler as the temperature is well below the 21 degrees it needs to multiply. Only in some larger buildings where drinking water is carried several hundred metres down narrow bore pipe will it generate enough heat to grow.

Nobody wants a drought

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The reservoirs are looking decidedly half empty as we drive down the M62 towards Manchester. The water companies have kept very quiet about it, perhaps they expect the autumn rain will replenish them before winter. It’s quite some time since it last became a serious issue when Bronte Water was in its infancy.

How many calories in a glass of water?

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Silly question, the answer is zero quite obviously. But does drinking more water really help dieting? Studies say it may help you burn a few more calories each day. How many? About 50 calories per litre, mind you, that’s only 5 M&Ms – plain, not peanut. But that’s not the main benefit of drinking water at work and home.


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