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What else can you do with chilled filtered mains water?

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So you thought you were spending too much money on bottled spring water and went ahead and installed a mains fed water cooler. There may be cost savings for sure, but that is only one of the benefits of having your drinking water delivered by pipework.

Chlorine in tap water – friend or foe?

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We take our tap water for granted don’t we?  Rain falls from the sky and fills our reservoirs. In turn they feed our dirty brown water to the treatment plant where a lot of science and a little bit of magic turns it into clear and clean potable (drinkable) water. Of course the problem now is how to get it to your tap. This is achieved by

Which water cooler for the home?

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Many new ideas and gadgets work their way over from the USA and water coolers were no different when they emerged on our shores in the mid 1990’s. The UK were the first in Europe to embrace this new idea and our continental cousins soon followed suit.


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