Over the Easter holidays we asked our very own Bronte Jo to write a blog about her experience at Bronte Water Coolers Ltd, seeing as she’s practically grown up here! For those of you that may not know, Bronte Jo comes into the office from time-to-time to help. Here’s what she has to say:

Bronte Water Coolers - Bronte Jo - Office Staff

Hi guys! Well where do I start….

Let us start at the beginning. My parents thought it would be an ingenious idea to name their beloved child Bronte Jo Saville after a company they had already started 18 months previous. Well, as you can imagine this has been a blessing and a curse – whether it was my first name or my surname, I was always going to be remembered.

From a young age I can remember spending many hours at the company while my parents were working – I found it the most boring place in the world and I really did not want to go.

But then for 3 years of summer school holidays, I started working in the Prep department, learning the ins and outs of water cooler ‘anatomy’ and got paid for my hard work … finally! Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Being employed by my parents helped me to develop a sense of appreciation for how companies function on a day to day basis, as well as fine-tuning certain skills and qualities that have benefited me in every aspect of life. I should point out I have now been promoted from manual labour to office duties and I work at Bronte Water Coolers whenever I can.

I don’t have as much input these days as I have set off on my own career path. I am currently studying at Lancaster University. My course “International Relations & Religious Diversity” is a stepping stone to what I really want to do and that is to get involved in areas such as Peacekeeping, Conflict Resolution or even tackling Modern Day Slavery. Although my aspirations have transcended the duties of Bronte Water Coolers, I owe my admirable/stellar work ethic to those summers spent scrubbing water coolers. Thanks Mum and Dad!

By Bronte Jo.

Did you know that Bronte Water Coolers is a family business? There’s a LOT of history about our spring which was registered in 1992 (and also Trade Marked) as well as the high quality spring water that’s located 50 metres under the ground! You can find out more about our Water Source in Haworth here: www.brontewater.co.uk/water-sources