The Bronte Bottling Plant is located close to the historical village of Haworth, near the Bronte Spring. We often talk about deliveries and things happening at Bronte HQ in Honley however, we thought it was about time to share the story about how each 19 litre carboy bottle is  fed through the cleaning process, filled and capped…

Bronte Water Coolers - Bottling Plant 1

1) In and Out. The magic box that is also known as the bottling machine sees empty, visually checked and nasally sniffed bottles placed into the ‘cups’ as they revolve round the washing and rinsing program. On the right of the picture is the finished article, a washed, rinsed, sanitised and filled bottle of 3,500 year old Bronte Natural Spring Water.

Bronte Water Coolers - Bottling Plant 2

2) The wash cycle allows the inside and outside of the bottle to be force-sprayed with a specialised FDA approved ‘detergent’ that will remove unwanted bacteria, dirt and any other nasties picked up on its travels. Each of the 5 wash stations sprays a 12 second blast before moving on to the next one.

Bronte Water Coolers - Bottling Plant 3

3) The two station rinse station sprays inside and outside with product water to remove any lingering wash liquid. Another two station rinse process sees a mixture of spring water and ozone sprayed inside the bottle for the final bacteria-kill procedure.

Bronte Water Coolers - Bottling Plant 4

4) The washed, rinsed and ozonated bottle is flipped back onto its base, filled, capped and date stamped before the conveyor exits the machine. At any one time there are 12 bottles in differing stages of the process with a completed one leaving the machine every 15 seconds.