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The subject of drinking cups has become something of a hot potato over the last year as the world debates the use of plastic and in particular, single use plastic. Bronte Water Coolers recognises this as a real issue and have been busy looking at alternative ways of dispensing your drinking water.

The best and cheapest was is simply to have your own office cup or glass which you can use all day everyday, closely followed by the refillable bottle which has the added bonus of being transportable. If you need to drink from a single use cup, then we now have more than one option.

CUPS BLOG 2 - polypropylenePolypropylene Blue Tint cups have been around for a long time, they are durable, reusable to an extent and make your drink look really refreshing. Yes they are recyclable and ours go off to a plastic recycler where they eventually end up being made into plastic planks, the type used in much garden furniture and picnic benches. This is by far the cheapest option but vilified by many.

CUPS BLOG 2 - RecyclableSwirl Paper Recyclable cups are what we call a halfway-house. More easily recyclable either through us or at a supermarket recycling bin. They have just 10% of the plastic of a standard cup in its liner, but this can now be removed when processed. These cups aren’t compostable but local councils and waste companies do have the ability to process them.

CUPS BLOG 2 - CompostablePlanet Paper Compostable cups are the true answer to the problem. These can be disposed of in your recycling bin or through your general paper waste. The sticking point that we have here is that as always, the best solution is the most expensive.  Planet Compostable cups are twice the price of the Swirl Paper and three times the price of the Polypropylene Blue Tint. On the plus side it is only a matter of time before they can be produced in enough quantity to become cost effective for the end user.

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