Bronte Water Coolers Ltd - Full Water BottlesEach week, Bronte Water’s natural spring water is tried and tested by ALcontrol Laboratories, to ensure the highest quality of water is being supplied to customers. The best results to look for when testing the purity of the water for each element are a score of 0.

The good news is that for each determination of the test, a score of 0 is exactly what our natural spring water received. Meaning our spring water simply cannot be bettered in terms of cleanliness! So, what’s the water tested for?

There are several types of bacteria that can be found in water and tests determine whether or not the water is fit for human consumption and the level of water cleanliness.

Types of Bacteria

Below are the types of bacteria that our natural spring water was tested for:


The presence of coliform illustrates that different bacterias and viruses could be present in the water. Coliform itself is not dangerous to humans.

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Bronte Water Coolers Ltd - Stacked Water BottlesThis type of organism is commonly found in natural waters like for example, lakes and rivers.

This organism can cause a variety of infections and is one of the leading causes of illness in immune-compromised people.


Enterococci are a type of pathogens and are capable of causing serious infections. So, any water with traces of Enterococci present should be avoided.

There are many different infection and diseases that we can contract as a result of dirty, un-purified water. This is why it is extremely important that the water we drink does not contain any of these types of bacteria.

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Author: Tim Saville