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A day in the life of Bronte Water’s MD, Tim Saville

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The 6:30 am alarm heralds the start of another challenging day for Tim, one of the directors at Bronte Water Coolers Ltd. Suitably prepared and dressed for the occasion (sometimes jeans) he arrives at the office to be greeted by a hive of activity. There are Delivery Drivers loading vans whilst others shout for the

Meet the Team – Tim Saville

Locally born and father of four, Tim has run several companies since 1986, and was the founding member of Bronte Natural Spring Water when the spring was discovered in Haworth in 1992. Seeing an opportunity arising, he moved the company from small packed supermarket bottles and into water coolers in 1997 and today is still

Recycled Water Cooler Bottles: Building for the Future

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Polycarbonate sheeting manufactured from recycled water cooler bottles is now often regarded as the material of choice when constructing temporary buildings. The attached link shows a University Building in Barcelona constructed almost entirely of this valuable product. When one considers that the lifetime of a water cooler bottle is around 50 refills before being retired,

Plastics Recycling

It is an unfortunate fact that we do break lots of 19 litre bottles. Once they’ve got more than one hole in they are scrap and luckily the plastics businesses are crying out for scrap polycarbonate.

Contacting Bronte Water in Times of Need

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Well Monday was not a good day in the Bronte Water Office. We suffered a full day powercut which lasted until 8.00pm. It certainly taught us a how dependent we are on electricity. A day with no telephones, no internet, no server so no computers.

Strange things to do with Water Cooler Bottles

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Here in the Bronte Water office, we often get people walking in and asking for old or broken poly-carbonate bottles. Of course we always ask why, and you'd be amazed at some things people do with them. Some of the more boring reasons are to be used as cloches for gardening, partially filled ones for

We’ve Never Had It So Good!

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How cool is that? Possibly more anecdotal than factual, but it has to be said that the summer so far has seen big smiles on the faces of Bronte Water staff as they go about the business of taking orders, preparing new water coolers, bottling extra water from our very own plant in Haworth and delivering bottled water to thirsty customers.

Get Ready for Summer!

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The big round yellow thing in the sky can only mean one thing, summer is on its way!  For many of you reading this it means time to pack the suitcases and head for your favourite destination. For Bronte Water Staff it signifies a start to the ‘silly season’. Not that we’re complaining, we wouldn’t have it any other way, but this is the time of year when drinking water consumption doubles.

Rubbing Shoulders Again!

Given that anyone and everyone must stay hydrated throughout the day we have many delivery engineers out around the North of England each day ensuring everyone who has Bottled Water Coolers have the stock they require, in doing so our employees visit a range of workplaces, among them often are TV and film sets!

So, Just How Good is Our Spring Water?

Want a simple answer? It's amongst the best in the country and can even hold its own against the better known names in France. Many years ago we were curious  and asked ourselves the very same question so decided to have it analysed, a hydrologist was employed and we discovered that our water flows in from the Addingham Edge


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