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Coronavirus: Business As Usual

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  We are very much aware of various challenges for many people at the moment due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Team at Bronte Water Coolers are focused on delivering fresh spring water up and down the country. We have plenty supplies and there will be no break in our excellent service. So to reassure you,

Leeds University Bottle Fillers

The University of Leeds Libraries have a combined total of 2.8 million printed books plus another half a million online available to the 2 million visitors per year who borrow around 3 million items. To enable learning, the university have 3,900 study spaces across its 4 campuses available to students. That’s a lot of students

Does this come with a bigger drip tray?

It’s the one question we are asked more than any other. Not ‘How much water will it produce?’ or ‘What’s the electricity consumption?’ but the size of the drip tray for many is the most important feature! Nobody likes emptying drip trays as our sanitising team often find out on our regular periodic sanitisation visits. You’d be amazed at what can grow in a drip tray in the space of 3 months if not emptied regularly.

What else can you do with chilled filtered mains water?

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So you thought you were spending too much money on bottled spring water and went ahead and installed a mains fed water cooler. There may be cost savings for sure, but that is only one of the benefits of having your drinking water delivered by pipework.

Chlorine in tap water – friend or foe?

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We take our tap water for granted don’t we?  Rain falls from the sky and fills our reservoirs. In turn they feed our dirty brown water to the treatment plant where a lot of science and a little bit of magic turns it into clear and clean potable (drinkable) water. Of course the problem now is how to get it to your tap. This is achieved by

Get Ready for Summer!

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The big round yellow thing in the sky can only mean one thing, summer is on its way!  For many of you reading this it means time to pack the suitcases and head for your favourite destination. For Bronte Water Staff it signifies a start to the ‘silly season’. Not that we’re complaining, we wouldn’t have it any other way, but this is the time of year when drinking water consumption doubles.

How long does it take to install a Mains Fed Water Cooler?

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Probably not as long as you think ! A mains fed water cooler is connected directly to the mains water supply before being filtered down to one micron and chilled. This has the advantage of taking out any chlorine or sediment in the drinking water to vastly improve the taste of the drink in your

What does the filter in my Mains Fed water cooler do?

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Let’s start at the beginning. The water from your tap is clean and safe to drink, the water authorities have a duty to ensure that it is. In order to make reservoir water safe to drink it needs to go through a treatment process before being dosed with chlorine and sent down miles of pipework to your tap.

Bottled or Mains Fed Water Coolers, Which is Cheaper?

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Ah yes, that old chestnut! The general opinion seems to weigh heavily towards the POU (point of use or mains fed) dispensers and generally that is the case. For a simple monthly fee a POU water cooler will supply an almost unlimited amount of filtered and chilled drinking water. So in effect you could also use it for filling the kettle (yes, filtered water will always taste better than tap water) and also for watering your plants. Again, filtered water is better than chlorinated tap water for your daffodils!

Which Water Cooler is Best For an Office?

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Here at Bronte Water Coolers we like to adopt the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) whenever we can. However when we get asked to install a a new water cooler in an office, canteen or school we need to determine fairly quickly the needs of the customer and which machines will satisfy those needs. Luckily we will always have a water cooler to satisfy every requirement!


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