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How many Bronte hats does Jodie wear?

Jodie has been part of the Bronte Water Coolers Family since 2011 and she’s a valuable member of the Office Team. She is one of the first voices you’ll hear if you call us for orders and enquiries, and a well-oiled machine of organisation when it comes to ensuring our delivery schedule is up-to-date and

Recycling Plastic Bottle Caps

We just couldn't send these Plastic Bottle Caps to landfill! A few months ago we did a shout-out on our social media accounts to ask our fellow followers and online community to help us in finding a place to recycle them. We had a couple of suggestions given and we'd like to share the story...

Recycling Matters

It is an unfortunate fact that we do break lots of 19 litre bottles. Once they’ve got more than one hole in they become nothing more than scrap and luckily the plastics businesses are crying out for waste polycarbonate. We have recently invested in a brand new heavy duty waste baler that crushes bottles and spits them


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