It’s the one question we are asked more than any other. Not ‘How much water will it produce?’ or ‘What’s the electricity consumption?’ but the size of the drip tray for many is the most important feature!

alpha mains fed water cooler

Nobody likes emptying drip trays as our sanitising team often find out on our regular periodic sanitisation visits. You’d be amazed at what can grow in a drip tray in the space of 3 months if not emptied regularly.

Enter a relatively new product to our range, the Alpha mains fed water cooler, this machine comes in silver from top to toe and looks perfectly at home in a reception, office, meeting room or canteen.

It has a major advantage over its competition by virtue of the fact that it can be fitted with a 3 litre internal waste can. Connected by a simple pipe into the back of the drip tray the internal jerry can fill until it reaches the sensor at which point an audible alarm will sound.

It is then a simple job to open up the front panel (it’s a hinged door) and pop a washing up bowl under the tap and open it wide. The job is clean, simple and quick. Have a look at the Alpha here and if you’re interested in rent in get in touch with us here.

Or why not ring Ann in the Bronte Water Cooler office for a quote?