The 6:30 am alarm heralds the start of another challenging day for Tim, one of the directors at Bronte Water Coolers Ltd. Suitably prepared and dressed for the occasion (sometimes jeans) he arrives at the office to be greeted by a hive of activity. There are Delivery Drivers loading vans whilst others shout for the forklift truck driver to bring another stillage of Bronte Spring Water 19 litre bottles. After loading they double check their orders and add the extras such as cups, cones, water coolers and any spare parts needed to maintain some of the 6,000 plus water coolers services by the 22 strong Bronte Team.

Bronte Water Coolers Ltd - Tim Saville - Howarth - Huddersfield - UK Delivery - Bottled Water Coolers - Mains Fed Water Coolers

Walking into the office, Tim is greeted by Ann and Jodie who monitor the Hygiene Team who specialize in installations and some of the more in-depth maintenance issues. As always the telephone is ringing with last minute orders hoping for same day delivery. Some will be lucky enough but others may need to wait another 24 hours if the vans have already been filled. It’s heavy stuff water, weighing in at 19kg for a full bottle; it doesn’t take many to fill the 2.5 ton maximum. It’s now 8:30 am and everyone is away and it’s coffee time prepared by the loving Jodie. It’s time to start on the pile of admin issues that have developed over the past 24 hours and invoicing in the previous day’s deliveries.

Tim doing routes 2

Tim is able to keep track of all 13 delivery vans by the means of a real-time tracking display on a 32” television screen on the wall in Bronte HQ. Diane the Finance Director is now in the office ready to help Tim tackle the other issues and strategies of the day.

After a jam-packed afternoon of customer enquiries orders and more paperwork, it’s now 4 pm. Tim is now ensuring that all orders taken by the team during the day have been carefully routed up and allocated to the Delivery Drivers. Ann has provided work for the Hygiene Team for the next day and the plant Manager David has produced enough freshly bottled Bronte Spring Water to satisfy the orders for tomorrow.

This concluded another successful day at Bronte Water HQ and by 6 pm the place is in darkness ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Tim goes home safe in the knowledge that the ‘well-oiled machine’ that is Bronte Water Coolers Ltd is ready for the day ahead.

Written by Tim Saville