Bronte Water Coolers Ltd - Health Benefits of WaterDrinking Water at the correct time of the day maximises its effectiveness on the human body. For instance, a great start to the day is to drink two glasses of water after waking up to help activate the internal organs. During the day drink another glass of water before meals to aid digestion.

Drinking water is also an appetite suppressant and assists greatly in portion control, preventing over-eating and that uncomfortable full feeling. Taking a glass of water before a bath or shower will assist in lowering blood pressure and another before going to bed can reduce the chance of stroke or heart attack.

Some other benefits you may not be aware of are:

* Increases Productivity
* Increases Energy levels
* Decreases Sickness
* Improves Company Moral
* Increases Well Being

It’s all about drinking water at the correct time. So why not install a Bronte Water Cooler in you home or work? You’ll always have a plentiful supply of great tasting chilled spring water available at the touch of a button.

Blog written by Tim Saville