Bronte Water - Bottle Fillers - University of Leeds

Leeds University Bottle Filler Location 3

The University of Leeds Libraries have a combined total of 2.8 million printed books plus another half a million online available to the 2 million visitors per year who borrow around 3 million items. To enable learning, the university have 3,900 study spaces across its 4 campuses available to students.

That’s a lot of students to keep hydrated so the University of Leeds brought in Bronte Water Coolers Ltd to look for a solution during the refit of the Edward Boyle Library. Many different options were considered, but in the end it was decided upon to provide magic eye operated, state of the art recessed wall bottle fillers to accommodate the growing trend in filling sports bottles with chilled and filtered mains water.

Two were installed on each of the 5 floors and in the first three months of operation, the electronic counter estimated that over 100,000 bottles had been prevented from going to landfill with a target of over half a million bottles per year once the library is in full operation.

That’s what we call a solution! (Gedditt?)

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