Alpha Cold & Ambient Water Cooler

Alpha Cold & Ambient

The Alpha POU is an out and out mains fed Office water cooler. It doesn’t pretend to be super powerful or be perfect for bottle filling. What is does boast though is a stylish silver design, a hygienic dispense area, and built in double cup dispenser and an area under the cups where a 3 litre internal reservoir can be fitted. In addition it will dispense up to 60 litres of chilled and filtered drinking water per hour.

So now you can have an expensive looking water cooler at a budget price.

Available in cold & ambient with a push button operation, the Alpha dispenses from a single central faucet.

20.5kg FS
14.5kg CT

Dimensions (H x W x D):
110cm x 34cm x 34cm FS
55cm x 34cm x 33cm TT

Performance (litres per hour):
12 litres per hour

Refrigerant type:

Refrigerant charge:

Cold tank capacity:
2.7 litres

Power Charge:
100 watt

Add Ons:
3 Litre internal reservoir

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