Arctic Chill 88 Water Cooler

arctic chill

The Arctic Chill is designed with performance and simplicity in mind. Simple, because the one the cold water push button is immediately above the single faucet reducing the possibility of spillage when filling sports bottles and jugs. Performance because the Arctic Chill will provide up to 40 litres per hour of chilled and filtered drinking water with its unique Direct Chill method.

Very much in favour with schools and colleges, the Arctic Chill also boasts a ‘floodguard’ which will limit the amount of water lost in case of an internal leak.

The front integral cup dispenser feature can be removed and replaced with a plain silver panel if required. This is particularly useful in locations where cups are not provided.

The Arctic chill can be fitted with an internal 3 litre drain system and also an external ‘drain to waste’ drip tray.

22.5kg FS
15.5kg CT

Dimensions (H x W x D):
98cm x 32cm x 32cm

Performance (litres per hour):
40 litres per hour

Refrigerant type:

Refrigerant charge:

Cold tank capacity:
Direct Chill System

Power Charge:
120 watt

Add Ons:
Can be fitted with 3 litre drainage system

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