Azure Unite Water Cooler

azure unite

The Azure Unite boasts a design like no other. It straddles the line between high-end functionality and ultra-modern design. The unique streamlined design of this range will add an extra element of sophistication to any space.

The chilled and filtered mains water is dispensed from an overhead faucet making it easy to fill cups, jugs and even sports bottles. The recessed drip tray is easily removed for emptying. In addition an internal 3 litre reservoir can be fitted to eliminate the possibility of overflow.

There is nothing else quite like this model available on the market today. It truly lends itself to a wide range of applications such as showrooms, receptions, exhibitions and even gymnasiums.


Dimensions (H x W x D):
110cm x 41cm x 31cm

Performance (litres per hour):
22 litres per hour

Refrigerant type:

Refrigerant charge:

Cold tank capacity:
direct chill

Power Charge:
120 watt

Add Ons:
Internal 3 litre resercvoir

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