Jazz 1100 Water Cooler


The Jazz 1100 is a carefully chosen ‘entry level’ mains fed water cooler available as floor standing or table top in both cold & ambient or cold & hot options. Whilst it may be priced extremely competitively, it still features a high capacity reservoir, producing 18 litres of chilled and filtered mains water per hour.

Easy to use push levers allow easy bottle filling and the large drip tray will hold up to a litre of waste water. These features alone would make it an ideal classroom water cooler or perhaps for a gym or workplace.

The Jazz 1100 comes with or without a cup dispenser, you choose which you prefer.

22.5kg FS
15.5kg CT

Dimensions (H x W x D):
110cm x 34cm x 34cm FS
55cm x 34cm x 33cm CT

Performance (litres per hour):
18 litres per hour

Refrigerant type:

Refrigerant charge:

Cold tank capacity:
3 litres

Power Charge:
120 watt

Available in:
Hot & cold

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