Oasis Kalix Cold & Ambient Floor Standing Water Cooler


Tough and robust but with an air of elegance would best describe the Kalix. It is ideal for use in demanding situations such as schools or communal areas where high performance and ease of use is important.

The illuminated push buttons will dispense cold or ambient filtered mains drinking water through one single and obvious faucet. Perfect for filling sports bottles, jugs and cups alike, spillage is less likely with this design.

The easy to remove drip tray can be fitted with a ‘drain to waste’ pipe to the rear. The built in cup dispenser fitted to the lid can be replaced with a flat top should the need arise.


Dimensions (H x W x D):
103cm x 33cm x 35cm

Performance (litres per hour):
20 litres per hour

Refrigerant type:

Refrigerant charge:

Cold tank capacity:
1.5 litres direct chill

Power Charge:
100 watt

Add Ons:
‘Drain to Waste’

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