Jodie has been part of the Bronte Water Coolers Family since 2011 and she’s a valuable member of the Office Team. She is one of the first voices you’ll hear if you call us for orders and enquiries, and a well-oiled machine of organisation when it comes to ensuring our delivery schedule is up-to-date and running like clockwork. We’ve asked Jodie to write a few words about her role within the heart of our Headquarters in Honley…

Jodie Heume - Bronte Water Coolers Ltd

At 8am on a week-day morning, Bronte Water Coolers Ltd becomes a hive of activity from the word go. Generally, my day starts by being bombarded with queries by the delivery drivers before I even sit at my desk! Although I don’t mind, I’ve been told I’m not very much of a morning person – I beg to differ and 9 times out of 10, I will respond with a smile (especially if Karen has a coffee on my desk waiting).

Day 1 (78) - compresed

Quality customer service is our priority at Bronte. So before 8:15am I have usually; checked our answering machine, made changes to delivery notes (which were printed the previous afternoon) and provided our delivery drivers contact details for our customers that day. Did you know that we plan the delivery routes daily? This means that if we receive any emergency deliveries or last-minute call outs, we will incorporate that location into one of our routes that day.

I have a brilliant relationship with all our customers, but the Universities we deliver to are “mine”. I am in regular contact with Universities stretching from Newcastle to Leicester, Hull to Lincoln and many more. So, when I get a “Jodie, please, please, please can we have a delivery today?” I liaise with Andy, our Transport Manager, to fit them in.

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Although I may spill the coffees and teas I make for the office, the work I do in here is very meticulous. (I haven’t had a spilling incident for 2 weeks now!) I like things done a certain way and I have a specific place for all the ornaments and mementos on my desk. I love stationery and I know if someone has touched one of MY pens!

The great thing about working at Bronte Water is that although my day to day jobs do not change, the Office Team work well together and can wear each other’s hats. For example; I regularly help Diane with some of the financial aspects of the business, which I really enjoy. I can also help Ann arrange a sanitisation route, take over a sales account from Tim and organise the installation of a mains fed water cooler all in one day. Not forgetting answering the phone across the day and taking orders for 19L bottles of our fresh spring water. It’s totally a team effort.

Bronte Water Coolers Ltd - Office Team

Last but not least, I print delivery notes for the next day and then invoice the previous day in the morning. Confusing I know, but I’m a wiz at knowing what the date is though!

Bronte really is like one big family. After all, it IS a family business! There is always a good bit of banter between the departments (especially the Bronte Boys!). There are many strong male characters here at Bronte, so if you can’t beat them… We all work together to deliver a service that mirrors the “exceptional quality” of the Bronte Water – natural spring water from the heart of Haworth.

If you’d like to know more about bottled water or water coolers, give Jodie a call on 01484 667788.