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Locally born and father of four, Tim has run several companies since 1986, and was the founding member of Bronte Natural Spring Water when the spring was discovered in Haworth in 1992.

Bronte Water Cooler Ltd - History of Bronte WaterSeeing an opportunity arising, he moved the company from small packed supermarket bottles and into water coolers in 1997 and today is still head of the largest independent water cooler company in the north of England.

In his leisure time, Tim played rugby for Huddersfield YMCA for over 20 years until injuries forced retirement. He continued at the YMCA coaching youngsters and is the first coach in either Huddersfield rugby clubs ever to win the Yorkshire Cup which he achieved with the all-conquering Under 14 side in 1991.

Following retirement from rugby, Tim took to scuba diving as a hobby. Initially as a holiday sport but as time progressed the thirst for knowledge and adventure took control. These days Tim is a qualified Instructor at all levels of diving right through to ‘deep, dark and dangerous’.  His trusty closed circuit Inspiration rebreather allows him to travel the world diving shipwrecks in difficult to reach places many people have never heard of. It’s truly a passion which he hopes to continue through to and beyond retirement.