We are often asked why sanitising the water coolers is so important, after all, we don’t give our taps at home the same treatment do we? The difference is that tap water contains chlorine, a weak disinfectant that kills bacteria in water and keeps it safe and clean during the several miles it travels in your pipes to its final destination, your house or workplace.

Bronte Natural Spring Water is extracted deep from underground in the Yorkshire South Pennines and is bottled within seconds of arriving at the surface. The water is between 30 and 3,500 year old and is completely free of bacteria. No additives or treatment is done to the product and no chlorine is added.

Mains fed water coolers work slightly different. Before entering the water cooler, the mains water containing chlorine goes through a one micron filter which removes particulate and chlorine leaving us with a much better tasting water ready to be chilled down to 5 degrees.

Both these products are chlorine free and therefore there is nothing present in the drinking water to fight against bacterial growth. So we need to ensure that the water cooler is spotlessly clean inside and out. Our main responsibility is to ensure that we regularly clean the internal reservoir and chilling pipes with a food grade sanitiser. The taps are either replaced or cleaned on site and the drip tray washed and sanitised.

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the sanitisation process, then please feel free to contact the Hygiene Manager at Bronte Water Coolers Ltd and we’ll send you a copy of the procedures applicable to your particular model of water cooler.


All new water coolers whether mains fed or bottled will come with a manufacturers guarantee, typically 12 months for all parts and a further 12 months for the compressor. Should you wish to purchase a mains fed water cooler you will be offered an annual maintenance agreement for a relatively small fee.

This cost will cover installation, filters, filter changes every 6 months, sanitisation and minor repairs. Only a severe breakdown out of warranty would require further consideration.

Purchased or rented bottle water coolers will be required to be sanitised in the usual manner. There is no annual agreement to be paid, but a small maintenance fee will be charged each time our Hygiene Engineers attend to clean and sanitise.

If you are renting a mains fed water cooler, then you will not be required to pay any extra for maintenance as all sanitisations and filter changes are included in your monthly fee.

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