Charity Work

We currently Sponsor a member of the Huddersfield Giants Womens League.

Bronte Water supports many other smaller charities. Please feel free to drop us a line if you need support and we’ll give it full consideration.

Bronte Water Coolers Ltd - Recycling - Polycarbonate Plastic Bottles - Water Bottle Caps

Our Recycling Process

Believe it or not the bottled water cooler market has a very high pedigree when it come to recycling. We estimate than 90% of the product that comes through our company doors, leaves to be recycled. This is indeed exceptional. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Polycarbonate Bottles – High demand for polycarbonates for use in producing CDs and safety glass for example have made this highly recyclable
  • Polypropylene Cups – We offer a collection service for used cups and these are recycled into products such as garden furniture
  • Water Coolers – Decommissioned and broken down into metals and plastics
  • Bottle Caps – Boxed, palletised and sent for recycling as are other plastics and cardboard boxes

Affects on the Environment

The environment can be affected in many ways and we have a common social responsibility to reduce our impact on it. That is why at Bronte Water we will always look at ways to ensure that the footprint we leave will be as small as possible. We can do this in several ways, for example:


Reduce unnecessary journeys by better planning


Eliminate engine idling whilst stationary


Using only delivery vehicles with the latest economical engines


Emailing invoices and not printing and posting


Supply only energy efficient water coolers


And lots more