arctic chillSo what’s the best water cooler for student communal areas at schools, colleges and universities?

It’s a question we’re asked more than any other these days, but one for which we have a ready answer. Bronte Water Coolers are very well represented in the schools & universities sector and we are justly proud of our record in finding the correct water dispenser for the right job.


One of the first questions we ask is, is there a drain available for us to plumb into? If there is then we can fit a pipe straight from the back of the drip tray to the drain eliminating spillage and the necessity to empty the drip tray on a daily basis.

Student communal areas put the most demand on a water cooler so it is essential that we fit the right machine for the application. Our opinion is that it must be capable of providing at least 25 litres of chilled water per hour. The ideal machine? We’d say that it is the Arctic Chill 88 model which also comes with a flood guard leak detector and will shut off in the case of malfunction.

If no drain is available then we are able to offer a 3 litre internal jerry can style drip tray which can be factory fitted on order or installed as an optional extra. Once full an alarm will sound and it is a simple job to empty into a bucket or washing up bowl.

The Arctic Chill is kept in stock and available to rent or purchase. Ask Jodie in the Bronte Water Coolers office for prices and availability!