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Coronavirus: Business As Usual

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  We are very much aware of various challenges for many people at the moment due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Team at Bronte Water Coolers are focused on delivering fresh spring water up and down the country. We have plenty supplies and there will be no break in our excellent service. So to reassure you,

Bronte Bottling Process

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The Bronte Bottling Plant is located close to the historical village of Haworth, near the Bronte Spring. We often talk about deliveries and things happening at Bronte HQ in Honley however, we thought it was about time to share the story about how each 19 litre carboy bottle is  fed through the cleaning process, filled and capped...

A day in the life of Bronte Water’s MD, Tim Saville

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The 6:30 am alarm heralds the start of another challenging day for Tim, one of the directors at Bronte Water Coolers Ltd. Suitably prepared and dressed for the occasion (sometimes jeans) he arrives at the office to be greeted by a hive of activity. There are Delivery Drivers loading vans whilst others shout for the

Recycled Water Cooler Bottles: Building for the Future

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Polycarbonate sheeting manufactured from recycled water cooler bottles is now often regarded as the material of choice when constructing temporary buildings. The attached link shows a University Building in Barcelona constructed almost entirely of this valuable product. When one considers that the lifetime of a water cooler bottle is around 50 refills before being retired,

Contacting Bronte Water in Times of Need

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Well Monday was not a good day in the Bronte Water Office. We suffered a full day powercut which lasted until 8.00pm. It certainly taught us a how dependent we are on electricity. A day with no telephones, no internet, no server so no computers.

What does the filter in my Mains Fed water cooler do?

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Let’s start at the beginning. The water from your tap is clean and safe to drink, the water authorities have a duty to ensure that it is. In order to make reservoir water safe to drink it needs to go through a treatment process before being dosed with chlorine and sent down miles of pipework to your tap.

How Many Water Cooler Bottles Should I Keep in Stock?

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No, it’s not a silly question but one on which we often find ourselves having to give advice. One of the unique selling points of Bronte Water Coolers is that we guarantee next day delivery within a 50 mile radius of Huddersfield. More often than not we can get further afield within 24 hours if it falls on one of our busy routes!

Bottled or Mains Fed Water Coolers, Which is Cheaper?

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Ah yes, that old chestnut! The general opinion seems to weigh heavily towards the POU (point of use or mains fed) dispensers and generally that is the case. For a simple monthly fee a POU water cooler will supply an almost unlimited amount of filtered and chilled drinking water. So in effect you could also use it for filling the kettle (yes, filtered water will always taste better than tap water) and also for watering your plants. Again, filtered water is better than chlorinated tap water for your daffodils!

Bottled or Mains Fed Water Coolers? Which one?

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Mains Fed Water Coolers Increasingly Popular The battle of the coolers continues and the growth in popularity of mains fed water coolers continues to march on. Just a mere five or six years ago, mains fed water coolers represented a very small proportion of the half million coolers in the UK they now represent around 50% the total!

Bronte Water Coolers spotted on Sky 1’s Mount Pleasant

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Mount Pleasant airs on Sky1 and Sky1 HD at 9 pm on Wednesdays and is packed full of household names including; Robson Green, Sally Lindsay, Angela Griffin, Paula Wilcock, Sian Reeves, George Samson, Pauline Collins, Bobby Ball and of course a Bronte Water Cooler or 2!


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