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Bronte Bottling Process

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The Bronte Bottling Plant is located close to the historical village of Haworth, near the Bronte Spring. We often talk about deliveries and things happening at Bronte HQ in Honley however, we thought it was about time to share the story about how each 19 litre carboy bottle is  fed through the cleaning process, filled and capped...

Nobody wants a drought

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The reservoirs are looking decidedly half empty as we drive down the M62 towards Manchester. The water companies have kept very quiet about it, perhaps they expect the autumn rain will replenish them before winter. It’s quite some time since it last became a serious issue when Bronte Water was in its infancy.

How many calories in a glass of water?

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Silly question, the answer is zero quite obviously. But does drinking more water really help dieting? Studies say it may help you burn a few more calories each day. How many? About 50 calories per litre, mind you, that’s only 5 M&Ms – plain, not peanut. But that’s not the main benefit of drinking water at work and home.

How Many Water Cooler Bottles Should I Keep in Stock?

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No, it’s not a silly question but one on which we often find ourselves having to give advice. One of the unique selling points of Bronte Water Coolers is that we guarantee next day delivery within a 50 mile radius of Huddersfield. More often than not we can get further afield within 24 hours if it falls on one of our busy routes!

The Benefits Of Water Over Caffeine

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Caffeine vs. Water Water in Exams It’s important to go into an exam with the right frame of mind and the right tools to do well; pen, ruler, calculator… bottled water?


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