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What else can you do with chilled filtered mains water?

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So you thought you were spending too much money on bottled spring water and went ahead and installed a mains fed water cooler. There may be cost savings for sure, but that is only one of the benefits of having your drinking water delivered by pipework.

What does the filter in my Mains Fed water cooler do?

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Let’s start at the beginning. The water from your tap is clean and safe to drink, the water authorities have a duty to ensure that it is. In order to make reservoir water safe to drink itĀ needs to go through a treatment process before being dosed with chlorine and sent down miles of pipework to your tap.

How Many Water Cooler Bottles Should I Keep in Stock?

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No, it’s not a silly question but one on which we often find ourselves having to give advice. One of the unique selling points of Bronte Water Coolers is that we guarantee next day delivery within a 50 mile radius of Huddersfield. More often than not we can get further afield within 24 hours if it falls on one of our busy routes!


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