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Coronavirus: Business As Usual

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  We are very much aware of various challenges for many people at the moment due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Team at Bronte Water Coolers are focused on delivering fresh spring water up and down the country. We have plenty supplies and there will be no break in our excellent service. So to reassure you,

Contacting Bronte Water in Times of Need

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Well Monday was not a good day in the Bronte Water Office. We suffered a full day powercut which lasted until 8.00pm. It certainly taught us a how dependent we are on electricity. A day with no telephones, no internet, no server so no computers.

Do You Still Have Lead Pipes?

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The Drinking Water Inspectorate is a section of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs set up to regulate the public water supply companies in England and Wales. Based in Whitehall, it produces an annual report showing the quality of and problems associated with drinking water. Recently the D.W.I. announced that the level of lead

Why Am I Always Thirsty?

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Doctors often refer to abnormal thirst as 'polydipsia'. Thirst is the brain's warning mechanism that you're dehydrated because your body doesn’t have enough fluids. You should be able to quench your thirst and restore the fluid balance in your body after having a glass or two of water. But if you feel like you drink

What else can you do with chilled filtered mains water?

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So you thought you were spending too much money on bottled spring water and went ahead and installed a mains fed water cooler. There may be cost savings for sure, but that is only one of the benefits of having your drinking water delivered by pipework.

Which water cooler for the home?

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Many new ideas and gadgets work their way over from the USA and water coolers were no different when they emerged on our shores in the mid 1990’s. The UK were the first in Europe to embrace this new idea and our continental cousins soon followed suit.

Bottled or Mains Fed Water Coolers, Which is Cheaper?

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Ah yes, that old chestnut! The general opinion seems to weigh heavily towards the POU (point of use or mains fed) dispensers and generally that is the case. For a simple monthly fee a POU water cooler will supply an almost unlimited amount of filtered and chilled drinking water. So in effect you could also use it for filling the kettle (yes, filtered water will always taste better than tap water) and also for watering your plants. Again, filtered water is better than chlorinated tap water for your daffodils!


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