Alpha Cold & AmbientBronte_Water-17Once you’ve chosen the model of water cooler that best fits your location and needs, the next agonising decision is ‘do I buy or do I rent?’. For some it is company policy that dictates the answer to this but for others, this little snippet may assist you in deciding which way to go. The same advice applies to both bottled and mains fed water coolers.

Your decision may be influenced by your company strategy. If you areĀ in for the long haul then perhaps it may be prudent to buy. In the short term you have a larger than usual initial investment but this will be mitigated over the years by having no rental charges. However the average water cooler has a 4 year warranty on the compressor, and should this fail after this period then it’s game over, the machine becomes uneconomical to repair. It’s not all doom and gloom, we have water coolers out with customers who bought them 10 years ago and they are still running strongly.

So why rent? Again, your circumstances may dictate the answer to this, you may be unsure as to how long you intend to be at those premises or you might be looking for an exit strategy in a couple of years. The main reason why the majority of Bronte Water Coolers customers prefer to rent is probably down to peace of mind. If rented, the machine remains the property of the company which in turn means that they are always ‘under warranty’ irrespective of their age. You may have had a water cooler for several years, but if it breaks down then you will have it repaired or replaced within 24 hours.

If in doubt, why not rent to start off with? Then if you would like to buy it, just give our Customer Service team a call and we’ll discuss a purchase price for you. It’s your choice and we’re happy to help you either way.