Our historical spring produces some of the highest quality water in the UK

The Bronte Spring was discovered in 1992, and subsequent analysis by experts proved that this was a drinking water of extremely high quality, clarity and taste. Based on farmland close to the historical village of Haworth, the spring is within walking distance of the Bronte Parsonage where the famous sisters lived and wrote their famous novels.

Between Haworth and High Withins lie the rugged moorlands which were the playground of the Bronte children. Bronte Spring Water gently filters through the sandstone layers beneath the heathland expanses which were a constant spur to their youthful imaginations.

Our water has exceptional quality

Analysis of the initial samples sent to the Laboratory in December 1992 could not have been more encouraging. Not only were all the essential trace elements perfectly in proportion, but it was agreed that the crisp, fresh taste put it in the higher echelon of natural mineral and spring waters. The spring was immediately registered and a Trade Mark taken to protect the discovery. Our water is therefore some of the best quality water you will get in the UK today.

Our Guarantee

Drinking water is a foodstuff like any other and should therefore be treated like one. Our bottled water is transported to a chilled warehouse where it is stored for 24 hours awaiting water analysis approval from the Plant Manager before being allowed to be delivered to customers.

The Bronte Water guarantee states that the product you receive has been bottled no longer than 72 hours prior to delivery and will arrive at your premises in perfect condition. Or your money back.

Bottling Process

From 50 metres under the ground and deep in the bedrock, Bronte Water is pumped to the surface. Within 2 minutes it is triple filtered, bottled and capped in the Bronte Water state of the art automatic bottling machine.

Of course this is just the end of the process. Re-usable polycarbonate bottles are examined and fed into the bottling machine. Each bottle receives a six station wash inside and out at 68 degrees C, followed by a two station product water rinse and finally a two station ozonated rinse, designed to kill off any remaining bacteria before filling.

It can’t get any fresher than that.

The high mineral content of our water is beneficial to health.

The thick layer of boulder clay that covers the moorland has over the years, acted like a giant seal that not only protects the freshness of the aquifer but has prevented modern day farming methods and pollution from reaching the bedrock. Subsequently the level of Nitrates and Nitrites in Bronte Water is almost nil.

The water analysis shows that it is high enough in natural trace elements to be of benefit and low enough in important areas to avoid health issues. For example the low level of sodium makes Bronte Water suitable for a low sodium diet.