Local Knowledge

We know where you live. Not a threat, we really do and can get your water delivery to you generally within 24 hours of order. So no waiting wondering when your delivery or maintenance engineer will arrive means you don’t have to order until you really need it. This will help you keep your stocks down to an acceptable limit.

Customer Service

If 24 hours from order is too long to wait, why not ask if we can do same day delivery? Every van we have is tracked so we know who the nearest driver is to you. If we can’t do it we’ll say so, but quite often we will surprise you.

Bronte Water Ltd - Tour De France - Honley - Holmfirth

Free Delivery

Delivery always has been and always will be free of charge. Not only will we deliver to your door, we’ll put them wherever you want us to. We’ll even pop one on your water cooler for you, just ask our delivery engineer when he delivers. You’ll probably get a cheery smile too.

Fresh Bottled Water

The water delivered to your door is guaranteed no older than 72 hours. That’s not quite true as recent analysis suggested that Bronte Water is around 3,500 years old. Strangely enough, once bottled we put a six month ‘Best Before’ date on it. Bizarre!

Maintenance & Service

Should you experience a problem with your water cooler then we’ll come and fix it for you free of charge. The Bronte Water spares department is comprehensive and like deliveries, repairs will be made same day. Sanitisations are somewhat different, we need to periodically clean and sanitise the water cooler inside and out which is carried out by the Bronte Water Hygiene Team.

Risk Free Trial

Not sure whether a water cooler is for you? Undecided whether to go mains fed or bottled? Ask our Sales Team for a free trial and we’ll deliver and install you a trial machine. There’s no catch or commitment, we just want you to make sure that you make the right choice.

Bronte Water Coolers Ltd - Meet The Team - Ian Butterworth